Founded in 2007 by Raka Maitra, CHOWK is a centre for dance based on the Odissi form. It’s vision is to be recognised internationally for creating dance that moves and speaks without borders. CHOWK aims to develop, from its Singapore base, an Asian contemporary dance expression that greys the dichotomy between tradition and modernity.

Images: tan ngiap heng



Image by: Bernie Ng

Image by: Bernie Ng


IDEA Festival 2016, Washington D.C, USA

The Second Sunrise

The Second Sunrise is a response to contemporary Tamil poet Rudhramoorthy Cheran’s war anthology that looks at the embodied connection one has with one’s land, with one’s roots and loss. Together with artists Zai Kuning,and Bani Haykal, who perform the music live, and dancers from Chowk Productions, choreographer Raka Maitra presents a work where the veneer of the present seeks to contain the impulses, motivations, and desires inherent in the original poetics of violence, trauma and displacement. The Second Sunrise is an offering of hope for the northeastern coast of Sri Lanka. Described by Dance Europe as “without doubt a dancer of the 21st century”, Raka Maitra defies the conventional dichotomy between classical and contemporary, seeking to expand new vocabularies and contexts for odissi dance.

The Second Sunrise premiered at Esplanade's da:ns festival on       Fri, 14- Sat 15 October 2016, 8pm.

Chowk will be performing this work at the IDEA Festival 2016 in Washington D.C, USA on the 12th of November 2016.

Watch trailer of The Second Sunrise here.