Dance is a contemplation of the human body in movement, within perceptible coordinates of space and time. Or rather all dance is thinking about the body in movement, on stage with music. In Pallavi in Time, CHOWK Artistic Director Raka Maitra continues the journey of exploration that she began in Pallavi and Space (Mar 2016).

A pallavi is a repeated refrain in music. In Raka’s work, it refers to choreographic refrains or elaborations; a series of fluid, complex movements and shifts inspired by odissi but now devoid of story, character and context. In the end, it is just pure dance. And pleasure.

You see, it’s really all about rhythm, the beat.

Rhythm punctuates time,

beats out possibilities inside the palace of imagination.

In those intervals,

between each end and every beginning,

lives the heartbeat of the dance.