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sandhya suresh  |  dancer & company manager

Prior to her contemporary dance training in LASALLE, Sandhya was trained in classical Ballet under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and has also completed her Arangetram, a debut Bharathanatyam graduation solo 2012 at the Temple of Fine Arts, Singapore. 

Apart from working with with many local and international choreographers, She has also performed in many local festivals such as Kalaa Utsavam, dan:s festival and Continuum- T.H.E dance company, to name a few. Sandhya was also one of the 10 dancers who represented Temple of Fine Arts international at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008. In 2011, Sandhya choreographed and directed ‘Gemini- a dance concert’ and has also choreographed her own works ‘insight-out’ (2013), ‘Smoking Gun’(2014) and ‘Reena; The Ideal’ (2015) to date.

Sandhya has a diploma in Technology and Arts management from Republic Polytechnic and has completed her degree in LASALLE college of the arts where she attained a BA(Hons) in Dance from Goldsmiths, University of London. Through her passion for dance, Sandhya aims to collaborate with artists of various disciplines and contribute to the ever-growing, pulsating arts scene in Singapore. 


"she is a grounded and beautiful performer, her languorous and clear energy displaying the subtle elements of flow, flux and fluidity."

-Lee Mun Wai, The Straits Times (on "closing moments") ,2016

"Through a continual gaze in search of what’s beyond the horizon line, perforating through the audience Sandhya Suresh expels unusual sensations into her skin and performs an emotional dance throughout The Second Sunrise; connecting from within the body, giving an outstanding performance like no other in the evening."

-Ezekiel Oliveira (on "The Second Sunrise"), 2016

"another intense performance of Sandhya Suresh leading this joie de vivre dance expedition."

Ezekiel Oliveira (on "Pallavi in Time), 2017